Immigrant Voices of America is a documentary-series sharing the riveting stories of immigrants who are in pursuit of the American Dream. Each episode will showcase the hardships, contributions, and aspirations from our immigrant brothers and sisters as they strive to achieve a better life in the US.

    Sara's Story (part 1)

    Sara has 100K followers on YouTube, but none of them know she's a undocumented. Sara decides to come out to her followers to shed light on her situation.  

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  • Miguel Angel Duran

    Creator & Film Director

    Hello. My name is Miguel Angel Duran, founder of Start Now Studios and creator of Immigrant Voices of America.


    As a proud first generation American, my parents came to this country, like thousands before them, in search of a better life not only for themselves but for their children. Their sacrifices allowed me to study cinema. As a filmmaker I can attest to the power cinema possesses in humanizing any issue. Storytelling is the best way to paint a more comprehensive look at the current immigrant experience in the US.


    The project aims to remind us all that there is more that connects us than divides us. We all struggle, we all sacrifice, we all want to succeed and to belong.


    The story of immigration doesn't just belong to one group of people, it belongs to all of us. So, let's come together to honor our immigrant roots!

  • Stories

    A Salvadoran family with TPS suing the Trump administration


    An undocumented attorney defending unaccompanied minors in court



    An Iranian-American woman trying to petition for her fiancé in Iran while the Muslim Ban is in full force




    A DACAmented YouTuber trying to make it as an artist in L.A.



    An undocumented mother battling breast cancer


    An American man trying to adopt an unaccompanied minor from Guatemala


    Waiting to be confirmed

  • Additional Videos


    A DREAMER's Story

    Erika came to the US from Mexico when she was fourteen years old to reunite with her father. Growing up in California she knew she was undocumented, but what she didn’t know what life was going to be as an undocumented person and all the obstacles that come with it. She is now a social worker and activist in pursuit of immigration reform.